“Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan”

(Strictly Limited Offer - Availability is Not Guaranteed)

Every new mom and dad wants to get great photos of their baby’s first year, and this is the perfect way to fulfill that commitment to your new baby. It’s also THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT!

What is the Baby’s First Year Portrait Plan?
Your Baby’s First Year Plan includes a series of three studio photo sessions. They mark the milestones of your baby’s growth and development at approximately 3, 6, and 12 months. You will create a permanent photographic heirloom documenting the exciting metamorphosis from newborn to toddler. Your child's first year. This offer includes a beautiful framed collection of three photographs, one from each session, delivered when the Baby’s First Year Plan is completed.
What are the photo sessions like?
Each of your three private photography sessions typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes. During that time we will create dozens of pictures in a variety of age-appropriate poses. These are carefully edited to select the best photos for you to preview and choose your favorites. As with all of our photo sessions, the studio will be all yours while you are here. No waiting in line, no rushing you out the door. We’ll take plenty of time for baby’s needs - naps, feeding, diaper changes, etc. You’ll find the studio very baby-friendly. It’s a place you can both relax and enjoy the experience.
What’s included?
The Baby’s First Year Plan includes everything. Three private studio photo sessions. Your choice of three beautiful photographic prints. A beautiful custom picture frame with double mat and glass that you choose from among more than a dozen styles.
Sounds expensive. What will all this cost?
The Baby’s First Year Plan is actually priced so low I don’t want to advertise it here on the Internet, so please call us at 646-704-3500 for specifics. I promise you will be very pleasantly surprised at how incredibly affordable this is.
For now, let me assure you that the Baby’s First Year Plan is our most deeply discounted offer and is priced at the same level as just one individual portrait session. It’s essentially a “buy one, get two more free” deal, with free a bonus frame thrown in just to make it irresistible. The savings are very substantial!
You’ll get a lifetime of memories for about what you might spend on designer coffee over the next two months!
Why are you offering such a huge bargain? What’s the catch?
My baby portrait clients have been telling me that they would love to have a series of photographs throughout their baby’s first year, but felt the price of so many individual photo sessions might be too high. So I started offering a “Frequent Flyer” discount for repeat customers who returned for their second, third, or even fourth photo session. The response was fabulous and it naturally evolved into the Baby’s First Year Plan, with the discounts built-in from the very beginning.
The big “catch” is that because of the value pricing, we can only offer a strictly limited number of these photo sessions. Once the limit is reached, we absolutely will not accept further Baby’s First Year Plan enrollments until we have additional openings. Naturally repeat clients, and the friends they refer personally, get first choice. If this baby portrait series is of interest, PLEASE CALL US AT 646-704-3500 RIGHT NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.
Baby’s First Year Plan baby portrait clients are seen “By Appointment Only” on weekdays only. Other days may be available, but subject to an additional convenience fee. And All Baby’s First Year Plan photo sessions must be completed within 15 months after the first session.
Do I have to wait until the end, or can I buy prints after each session?
There is no obligation or pressure to buy additional photographs, but most of our clients simply can’t resist choosing to purchase at least a few photos “a-la-carte” after each session. Standard print prices start at only $19.99 and special discount pricing is offered exclusively to Baby’s First Year clients. You can choose exactly the number and size photographs that are best for you; no complicated “packages”. Your photographic prints will be processed at one of the country’s finest professional photo labs and printed on the highest quality archival photographic media. You can choose from a tremendous variety of sizes and finishes from tiny 2”x3” “Wallets” to large 20” x 30” Fine Art Wall Enlargements mounted on Artist’s Canvas. Black & White or Sepia Tone prints are available at no additional cost.
Can we use one of the Baby’s First Year Photo sessions for family portraits or pictures of an older sibling?
The Baby’s First Year portrait series is exclusively for your new baby. Many of our clients also want Children’s Portrait Sessions for older siblings, or a Family Portrait Session for all of you together. These are available at very special prices for our Baby’s First Year portrait clients. Just give us a call and we’ll set it up.
What if I don’t like the photos from my Baby’s First Year series of baby portraits?
We know that choosing a baby photographer is not an everyday decision, and you may be nervous about making the right choice. Don’t be! We GUARANTEE great photographs. In fact, our most frequent complaint is that we’ve taken too many terrific baby photos and it’s hard for clients to choose their favorites! If you don’t love the photographs from your first Baby’s First Year portrait session, you can choose a refund. If the results from a later photo session are disappointing, just reschedule another complimentary do-over photo session at no additional cost!
OK, I’m interested! What do I do next?
Because of the tremendous savings this is a strictly limited offer. It can not be combined with any other offers. When the Plan reaches capacity we can not accept any further enrollments until our schedule opens up. So please call 646-704-3500 right now to enroll and schedule your first photo session!